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Page 2- continued roster of HO Scale models I have built/created/weathered/detailed for my own collection. I have had a great deal of fun with these, and hope they provide some inspiration for you own efforts.

Rolling stock projects (Page 2):

NP1 tnNP ACF 2-bay Covered hopper
MP1 tnMP ACF 2-bay Covered hopper
Flat1 tnFlat car with Cat load
Flat1 tnweathered HLMX covered hopper

SIRX tnEx L&N SIRX covered hopper

HLMX tnHLMX 74124 covered hopper ex Chessie

LNAC tnLNAC 5061 boxcar

UP tnUP 2157000 Centerbeam

bn tnBN 2600cf 2 bay covered hopper

SIRX tnEx ATSF SIRX 3-bay covered hopper

DME tnEx Coop DME Cylindrical Covered Hopper

GVSR tnGVSR Golden West Boxcar

FCCM tnFCCM Patched Boxcar

SP tnSouthern Pacific 50' boxcar- wide plug door


MP1MP 60' Door and a Half Boxcar

MKT1MKT Sand Hopper


MKT1MCEX Covered Hopper ex Koppers

MKT1FURX Covered Hopper ex Rock

SIRXSIRX Covered Hopper ex Chessie

ATWATW Flat car with Tank Car load

MWCXEx BN Woodchip hopper now MWCX

WPRREx MILW woodchip hopper now WPRR

MPMP Covered Hopper

MWCXScratchbuilt MWCX Woodchip Hopper

BFTXScratchbuilt BFTX Woodchip Hopper


MKTIntermountain FMC Boxcar- GVSR

MKTWalthers coil car- MKT

FXEBranchline Berwick boxcar- FXE


GROX- Coming soonGROX Union Equity covered hopper

HLMX Ex-MKT Coming SoonHLMX Ex-MKT Covered Hopper

MILW PCF Coming SoonMILW PCF Boxcar- a Cannon & Co kit

MILW PCF Coming SoonCUOH 7018- Athearn Genesis SIECO, ex-ROCK

MILW PCF Coming SoonConrail and CN Evans Boxcars- Evans Boxcars, Conrail and CN ex-Conrail- modified Life-Like cheapo cars.

MILW PCF Coming SoonAthearn Genesis 5161 Covered Hopper- from undecorated kit.

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