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Models, Details, Parts and Tools for Sale

I've gotten compliments on my work, which is gratifying. I take pride in what I do, and although not all turn out as well as I'd like, I have created a few that I think show well.

I do from time to time put some of what I create up for sale, to help manage my fleet a bit.

Models for sale:

Car Image Mfr and Description Date Sold
No items for sale currently

Manufactured Items

Detail Parts

These are available via my Shapeways shop. More about my printable items can be found on this page, including additional photos of raw and painted/completed items.

Dumpsters Electrical Cabinet Standup Payphone Booth Utility Pole Transformers
Soda Machine Trash Cans (Set of Four) Rooftop A/C Unit

Freight Car-Related

I have also developed a few detail and upgrade parts which I've created and made available through my Shapeways shop (link here).

Woodchip Hopper Side Frame Replacement Plug Door

Modeling Tools and Templates

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