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Prototype Equipment

As an offshoot of my modeling hobby, I have taken a number of pictures of railroad equipment. I also feel it's important to have representative shots of "normal" prototype equipment too. My eye, though, does tend to gravitate towards cars & power with "character". While graffiti is not something I condone, it is a fact of life these days, and does add color to railroads.

North American Railroads

Locomotive Power


Rolling Stock


Covered Hoppers

Flats & Centerbeams

Gondola and Open Hopper Cars

Tank Cars

Cabooses & Maintenance of Way

Non-North American Railroads

I've organized these alphabetically, vs. chronologically, and not every country has its photos yet uploaded (December 2012).


Yo es mi esposa also went to Argentina for a week in early 2009. I didn't do much railfanning there, but we were right across from the main train station in Buenos Aires, so of course I had to get some pictures.

My photos are here:Argentina Rails page


Burma (Myanmar)

Photos from our Myanmar trip here


My wife and I made a trip to Kazakhstan in 2004. As I was there for 5 weeks, I brought my camera and had a chance to wander around a bit. I spent most of my time in Uralsk, a small city in eastern part of the country. There was a small station with a classification yard that saw some action. I also spent a week or so in the capital, Almaty, and had a quick tour through the main passenger station.

You can find my pictures here:Kazakh Rails page


New Zealand

Photos from our New Zealand trip here


Slovenia didn't have a lot of railroad related stuff, but it did have a pretty cool museum in Ljubljana. This was maybe the most interesting thing I've ever seen:
Yes, it's a motorcycle on rails.


Photos from our Thailand trip here


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