Coupler Painting Jig


This easy project was designed to remove some tedium from painting couplers after the fact. When I buy a batch of 20 Kadee couplers, I like to run them through this jig, and get them all painted at once.


The jig is scrap dimensional lumber, with a strip of styrene to help level the cover. I used a length of 1"x 2" for the base, and then glued/screwed a 1" x 1" for the back half. I marked and drilled out holes, and then glued in short strips of wire to act as the posts on the couplers. I then pressed another 1" x 1" against the wires to mark impressions for the cover's holes, which were drilled (slightly oversize; a tight fit down over all the posts isn't important, as the weight of the wood will hold the couplers up). Finally, long strips of styrene (the height of a coupler shank) help the loose wood cover to sit level on the couplers. Makes painting relatively easy.

Jig 6 Jig 7
Jig 8 Jig 9
Jig 10 Jig 11
Jig 12
Jig 6 Jig 7
Jig 8

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