KIT: Academy F6F Hellcat
KIT #: 2121
DECALS: Two options

Prototype Background

Small inexpensive kit that delivers good value and fun. Scott Van Aiken delivered a great build and review here (on, here). I'm apparently just really drawn to blue things, and this was super fun.

Inside the Box

Sprues are straightforward with a separate one for the clear parts.

The kit is quite accurate.

The kit is molded in light grey plastic, and was easy to remove and sand down. No major flaws or sink marks to deal with. Detail is good, inside and out.

The Build

Nothing unusual in the build- all very straightforward.

I had an issue with one part, which was completely my fault: I left the nose cowling on the hood of my car to dry, and forgot to remove it. After running an errand, I realized my error, but the part was of course gone. Luckily I found it in the gutter near my house, but it had a nasty tear. Fortunlately I was able to salvage it a bit, so it doesn't really distract from the final product.

Paint and Markings

Two schemes are provided for.

I started with the undersides, white. Then a coat of Tamiya Sky Blue for the light blue. The dark blue is Tamiya's Royal Blue.

I usually don't have the patience for cockpit masking, so I hand-painted this one.

The stencilling is fuzzy and indistinct, but does give a reasonable impression of these markings and certainly much better than having none at all.

A couple of coats of Humbrol Mattcote and it's on to......

Final Assembly

Add the bombs and the drop tank. A bit of weathering on the prop, cowling, leading edges of the wings.


I enjoyed this kit. However, some fiddling needed to be done, especially around the cockpit area. I'm not a great builder, so for me this was a little bit of a challenge. That said, it went together pretty well overall, and was fun to detail.


Instruction Sheet was lost- sorry!

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