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Rolling Stock Projects

Rolling stock projects:

Ath Gen GW Athearn Genesis Golden West plug-door boxcar
CBQ1 tn CB&Q Airslide
KWT1 tn KWT Ex-NRUC Berwick boxcar
MP1 tn Missouri Pacific transfer caboose
Flat1 tnweathered HLMX covered hopper

SIRX tnEx L&N SIRX covered hopper

HLMX tnHLMX 74124 covered hopper ex Chessie

SLR1 tn SLR Boxcar- Ex-McHugh
WP tn Western Pacific 60' HiCube- Kitbash
LNAC tnLNAC 5061 boxcar


UP tnUP 2157000 Centerbeam

UP tnSOO line PS 4750

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